Good dreams, old friend.

Well, it came too soon. A few days ago our dear dog Lionel developed a real problem with his hip, on the left side. And went rapidly down from there. We've been basically carrying him in and out, the last couple of days.

It's the hardest decision you have to make, but it's one you have to make.

And we did, today. We spent some time with him together in the back yard, then his vet of many years came to the house, and we let him go.

Tuesday, went to a memorial for an old coworker from Origin days.

The weekend before, went to the coast to spread the ashes of a dear, dear friend.

And now we sat in the grass together, as he relaxed, and his eyes closed, and I hope he dreamed of the good days we all had together.

It may be the right thing, but it's never the easy thing. And this was the hardest of them all.

Goodbye, Lionel Trainwreck Puppypuppypuppy.
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A good weekend, for bad reasons.

My dear friend David Bartling passed away, not long ago. He was my instructor for Oceanography, in high school. It's... very hard to describe how profound an effect he had on me. And the hundreds of other students he taught over the years.

Such a profound impact that many of us gathered at his home this weekend, to pay homage. The friendships are compex, and lasting, and deep. We have grown up to be everything from tugboat captains to deepsea fishers to marine preservationists to nuclear physicists to software engineers to... a great many different paths. And all of us owed so much to what he taught us. Not just about oceanography, but about how to learn, how to appreciate what we learn, and how little we all know. All of us had a love of learning to one degree or another, but he nurtured it like none other.

And after the class we stayed friends. And for decades after, as we all moved and changed, married, divorced, remarried... some had kids, some didn't... but we stayed friends. With eachother, and most of all, with him.

Being there, at that house where I spent so much time, was so wonderful. Because though it hurt to know he was gone, and I ached to just sit and share a laugh with him one more time... his presence was so strong. In everything, and in everyone. His strength, caring, and generosity touched all of us.

And laughing and talking and drinking... sharing some incredibly good food that our classmates had caught (SO much shrimp, and incredible snapper... mmph!) ... he was right there with us, in the way that we carry him in our heads and hearts.

And so right at the crack of noon today, we boarded one of the student's boats, and went out to the sea bouy a few miles offshore, and spread his ashes, and said a final farewell. Passed the bottle around in one last toast, poured the rest out for him, as his ashes spread. Grey, spreading out in the dark blue. One, at last, with the gulf he loved so much.

Thank you, David, you old walrus. For being the most challenging teacher I ever had. And the most caring, generous man I've ever known. Thank you for everything.

OK, this made me laugh.

There comes a time in every Guild Wars 2 adventurer's life when her progression begins to go through certain, well, changes. These changes begin when an adventurer reaches level 5, and they get even more pronounced when she hits level 11. It might feel confusing and embarrassing; suddenly, you've got red exclamation marks on your hero panel and a nearly uncontrollable urge to allocate your skill points. Your skill bar starts to fill out. It's OK. It's totally natural.

You'll have questions. Where do utility skills come from? Which skills do you take, and in what order? What if you give your first point to the wrong trait line?

From this article. Yes, I'm looking forward to GW2 kind of a lot. :p

In completely other news... I'm finally going back through the wonderfully gryphon-full On the Fall of Evarim, my first NaNoWriMo novel. It's also the only book I've written all the way through to 'the end'. That doesn't mean it's finished, mind you... just that the whole arc is defined, and all the major events are there, and the basic shape and structure is set, pretty much like I want it.


I'm wrestling with quite a few things. And I think I'll think about those things a little more, as I do this first pass, and then talk about it some more. But I do want some help, some advice, some consideration. Especially since some of you were 'there', as it were... because the genesis of this story was SpheresMux. Which is part of the things I'm thinking about.
Strut (by Kynekh)

Rock of Ages...

... rocked. That' all I'm coherent enough to say. Also, I <3 bfly for a delightfully existential history of the elements of rock conversation on the stagger home from that 3+ beer movie.

I have more to say about that, but... later. Since it's 1:30am. Or more. And my folks are coming by in... less than 8 hours. :p
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A modern Descent...

... as in, a new take on the old 6-axis Descent game. There's a kickstarter for Retrovirus, which already has a playable demo, and is looking really good... but it's not getting nearly the love (aka funding) it needs. So... if you loved Descent 1 & 2, take a look at the vids on the Retrovirus kickstarter page, and check the updates page, where there's a lot more gameplay vids.

In other game news... Guild Wars 2 announced their ship date... yay!

In completely NOT game news... I've hit a doldrum in the actually writing-it-out of The Black - my hard SF first encounter alien serial killer sorta thing... but I do have it at least roughed out all the way through the very end. Though by 'rough' I mean very rough.

So... I'm seriously considering going back to my first NaNoWriMo novel, and re-writing it, putting a couple of layers of polish on, and dumping it out into the eBook market. I'm either a glutten for validation, punishment, or both.

We installed a garage door opener last weekend... it makes riding the bikes so much nicer, when you don't have to stop in the 107f weather and go around, unlock the door, go inside, etc etc etc. Same in the mornings, really, though at least it's cooler then.

Madagascar 3 was hilarious and awesome. Seriously. What a stoner movie. :p We were the only ones in our showing at 10pm Tuesday, except 'our' sever, who we heard bust up a few times during the show, too. He admitted when we left he was hanging out at the back watching, and trying very hard not to laugh.
Strut (by Kynekh)

Went and saw Prometheus.

No spoilers.

I thought it was bad. I really did. So much potential, many clever ideas... horribly implimented. It could have been awesome, but all that potential was just pissed away. None of these 'highly trained professionals' acted realistically, and I never really cared about any of them.

It was like... a bunch of drunken highschool students decided to borrow Daddy's bus, and go to Camp DeadlyStalker. And they invite a couple of hitchhikers, a biker, and the school principal while they're at it.

There were a few good lines, but so much stupid stuff happened for really no other reason than to show off some shiney effects. So I was left wondering ... 'what was the point of that?'

Great sets, great ship designs, some clever moments... fair acting, crap pacing, ham-handed directing & plotting.

It desperately needed more space. More time with silence. A lot less people racing around trying to out-stupid each-other.

I honestly wouldn't reccomend it.
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Meme of writing seven.

Shamelessy stolen from the delightful marthawells.

The rules:
1. Go to page 77 (or 7th) of your current ms
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines – sentences or paragraphs – and post them as they’re written. No cheating.

This is from my most recent WiP - The Black. Page 77 is the start of a new chapter, and 7 lines down exactly cuts out the first paragraph.

Collapse )
Strut (by Kynekh)

Oh yeah!

I really meant to do this yesterday, but I'll do it today instead...

Happy (now belated) birthday to me! :> Beltane's come and gone, and with it the anniversary of my natalism.

It was a pretty normal day, which isn't a bad thing at all. bfly made an awesome rummy cake, and got us tickets to Def Leppard, which is awesome!

Watched an excellent pair of vids of someone nerdgasming about Guild Wars 2 during the beta last weekend. It's a great introduction to how amazing the art style and city construction is.

I hope everyone had an excellent May Day!

Off to work!
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Movie time.

Wow. So. Guys. Wow. So... listen...

I just got back from seeing The Cabin in the Woods.

It's like... Joss Whedon & Co. made a horror film.


Just exactly like that.

If you appreciate the genre, even a little, you really should go see it.
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Strut (by Kynekh)

Beer chillin', and games.

So I spent a few hours over at mongo42's place, building a beer chiller. It's very cool, so to speak. Took 100f water and turned it into 47f. Sometime soon we'll do a better test w/ the water under pressure, so it flows faster, but still... pretty darn awesome. It'll make hot summertime events more chillin'.

While I was there, we got to talking, and I realized I had shared this in other venues, but possibly not here on LJ.

If you liked the old, old computer game Wasteland, you may be excited to know that there's a kickstarer for a Wasteland 2. By Brian Fargo, of Interplay. If turn based sandbox roleplay post apocalyptic games appeal to you, check it out. 9 days left on the kickstarter... and they're funded to $2,156,588 of their $900,000 goal. There's still time to get in on the cheap side of this.

Now... if point and click adventures, like Monkey Island, Full Throttle, and Grim Fandango appeal to you... Tim Schafer & Co over at Double Fine Adventure broke a number of Kickstarter records. Their goal was $400,000 to make another game along these lines, and they wound up with over $3,336,371 pledged. There's a lot of interesting stuff that these two groups have in common, and the stir they've created in the past, and with these new attempts. Big publishers won't touch these 'old games', but clearly there's a demand for them.
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